It is a pleasure for me to present to you our CODE OF ETHICS, in this document you will find the principles, values and commitment adopted by all those who are part of our company to ensure continuous improvement and satisfaction of our customers as well as respect for the individual guarantees of those who directly and indirectly are related to our company.

Our mission is summarized in providing quality and safe products that meet the specifications and needs of our customers, therefore, our main policy is to be authentic for which we adopt a high sense of ethics in compliance with national and international regulations governing the food industry.

This CODE OF ETHICS is communicated to all members of the organization, which must be a true reflection of the values, standards and policies that govern us, being this document a tool that serves us to achieve the objectives in the short, medium and long term, having as main goal the protection of the interests of our investors, members of the organization, as well as our customers and business partners.

As top management, I am committed to adequately and efficiently provide the necessary resources for the fulfillment of this document.

Please note that for OUR ORGANIZATION, your opinion is very important, so I reiterate that I am open to listen to your suggestions and actions for the improvement of the Organization.

Without further ado, I remain at your service in the hope that this document will be of interest to you and meet your expectations.


This code is the foundation of the image of the ORGANIZATION, in it you will find the rules, policies and guidelines to be followed for business and professional activities.

We have established as ETHICS POLICY:


By working in this way we will achieve our goals and objectives, making our commercial relationships with our customers stronger and more lasting, creating trust and therefore generating a good reputation within the food industry.

This CODE OF ETHICS is for all of us who are part of THE ORGANIZATION, may this document be the one that directs your steps within the activities of our organization. That each of our members demonstrate the values and principles that are the foundation of THE ORGANIZATION, we promote an honest and upright work environment in compliance with the respect for Universal Human Rights demonstrating our Leadership in the Food Industry.


The values of our company are our differential element, based on internal ethical values, adapted by all the members of the Organization, which have made our successes last.

WORK: Whether it happens depends on oneself.

SUPERIOR QUALITY: Getting it right the first time.

LEADERSHIP: Working for the common good

TEAMWORK: we collaborate genuinely and mutually adding efforts to achieve the objectives with the different areas and people of the organization.

INTEGRITY AND HONESTY: We assume that there is only one truth and we are congruent with what we say and do.

PASSION TO IMPROVE AND INNOVATE: We look for improvement opportunities to do things better by seeking opportunities to add value to our work.


We are a Socially Responsible company, committed to the environment, society and our employees, we produce and sell to the international market ORGANIC AGAVE SYRUP AND AGAVE INULINA, safe for human consumption, complying with the most demanding quality standards in the market.


To be a leading company in the production and sale of ORGANIC AGAVE SYRUP AND AGAVE INULIN, socially responsible, with safe products for human consumption, transmitting our leadership for the benefit of all members of the organization, improving their quality of life and providing development opportunities.


The ORGANIZATION, committed to social responsibility, adopts standards of fair and ethical trade in the commercial exchange, building sustainable development and human potential of the members of the organization.

Our objective is to develop a win-win culture throughout the food chain, where the organization’s investors see their efforts remunerated in profits, and where employees, all committed to the organization, have an increasingly better quality of life and contribute to better development opportunities for their children.

The management is convinced that the success of the organization and the quality of the products produced are based on the efforts and commitments of our people, therefore, adopting these principles helps us to the sustainable development of our organization, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.


The objective of this document is that the members of our Organization have the tools for good business conduct, in this document you will find the guidelines and directives to carry out fair production and business, as well as to solve possible problems, always placing our decisions in the values of the company within a concept of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND PROFESSIONAL ETHICS that obliges all the members of THE ORGANIZATION, with the purpose of promoting respect among collaborators, avoiding harassment at work, promoting communication between hierarchies, a pleasant, dignified and productive work environment in order to grow our Organization.


This code of ethics does not replace any internal POLICY or Procedures Manual, it is of a mandatory nature for the Board of Directors, Managers, Chiefs, Area Managers, Supervisors, Operators and any person who directly or indirectly represents EDULAG S.A. DE C.V. and PENTAGONO AGRICOLA S.P.R. DE R.L., hereinafter and for explanatory purposes in this document referred to as ORGANIZATION, whether by labor contract, fees, salaries or commissions. It is the responsibility of each Member of the ORGANIZATION to duly comply with our CODE OF ETHICS.


Compliance with this code of ethics is carried out by the supervision and periodic evaluation of the different hierarchies supported by the management of the company and the administrative committee, all members have the function to ensure compliance and constantly monitor compliance with this document in its competence.

We are all obliged to collaborate in case of reviews and audits by providing the necessary information and we must also collaborate in the actions implemented for the irregularities found. The management is obliged to provide the necessary resources for the implementation of such actions.

All members have the obligation to communicate any breach or omission of the CODE OF ETHICS and the Individual Guarantees to the corresponding superior hierarchy, as established in the internal communication procedure.



In EDULAG SA DE CV, we defend the form of the principles and fundamental rights in the work as it marks the National Laws of Labor and Social Welfare, as well as the principles of Human Rights, so we reject the practices of child labor, forced and compulsory, We support the freedom of our employees to be part of trade union associations and their right to collective bargaining. Likewise, and in compliance with the above, we fully comply with the INTERNAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMPLIANCE POLICY, which is communicated to all levels of the Organization.


In the ORGANIZATION, we promote a culture of dignified, fair and equitable treatment among all members of the organization regardless of their hierarchical level.

In Our Organization we prohibit any type of discrimination, distinction, preference, restriction, action or omission, with or without intention that has the result of hindering, restricting, preventing or nullifying the recognition, enjoyment or exercise of human rights and freedom for one or more of the following reasons: Origen étnico y/o Nacionalidad

  • Ethnicity and/or Nationality
  • Skin color
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Gender and/or sexual preference
  • Religious beliefs or worship
  • Motor or intellectual disability
  • Social status
  • Physical appearance
  • Pregnancy
  • Language
  • Opinion or way of thinking
  • Academic preparation

All members of the organization have the same right to be promoted to a higher hierarchical level and to be recognized for their work performance.


The members of the organization declare our abstention from having participation, direct or indirect interests in procurement and supply business in companies that provide services, inputs, processing aids and raw materials to Our Organization.

We strictly refuse to receive prizes, gifts, commissions, due to promotion, closing or permanence of business with customers and suppliers. All external activities such as Political, Religious and Cultural activities must be on a personal basis without directly or indirectly involving the Organization.

All activities carried out in the Organization must be for the sole purpose and benefit of the company and not for one or a group of members.


The ORGANIZATION is committed to produce AGAVE SYRUP and AGAVE FRUITS in compliance with National and International regulations, rejecting PRACTICES OF ADULTERATION for economically motivated purposes, for which we urge all our suppliers to adopt this ethical behavior by offering our organization raw materials, supplies and authentic materials of the highest quality without disguising the characteristics of ORIGIN and PHYSICO-CHEMICAL characteristics, declaring 100% of the components and technical characteristics of the same.


Provide the necessary resources to perform daily tasks in the company, provide safety equipment, uniforms and tools to facilitate their work. To train and train the worker in order to increase competitiveness in the organization and thus provide opportunities for growth and development, both professional and human. Remunerate competitively for the service provided to the company. Respect the integrity and dignity of the worker and their HUMAN RIGHTS, maintain an appropriate work environment and constant communication so that everyone is aware of the expected objectives and goals as well as the guidelines and actions taken for their respective achievement. That the resources are properly managed, to lower costs that will be translated into benefits for all members of the organization. That the personnel contribute effort, commitment and creativity in the achievement of the company’s objectives, that they apply the tools acquired for the continuous improvement of the organization. That the staff performs its work in favor of the needs of the company. Work for the fulfillment of goals and objectives, that the commitment acquired, that all members are vigilant in the fulfillment of policies, regulations and work instructions and participate in the actions implemented to forge a better future.
For the ORGANIZATION it is of utmost importance to provide the best treatment to all our customers, so we try to adapt to their needs by offering a fast, efficient and honest service. In order to strengthen and make lasting business relationships. We declare confidentiality in the information provided and negotiations made with our organization by our clients. Maintain close communication with the ORGANIZATION, in order to meet their needs and contribute to the continuous improvement of the organization.
It is a commitment of the company to offer fair treatment to service providers by encouraging competition among them, our duty is not to declare with service providers the competitive advantages, problems or weaknesses of their competencies. Fair and honest treatment in every acquisition. We require fair treatment and efficient service that meets our requirements and our needs. Quality service in compliance with applicable international standards. Acquisition of AUTHENTIC products avoiding Commercial Fraud practices throughout the company’s production chain.
The ORGANIZATION is committed to compete fairly and honestly in compliance with the laws applicable to our industry, we do not agree with any company or group of companies the illegal allocation of prices, or any similar activity that may alter market conditions. In the ORGANIZATION, we respect our competitors, therefore we do not participate in false and misleading comparisons, the treatment before our competitors must always be respectful and the comments made before them must be objective, we strictly prohibit addressing confidential issues according to our policy of confidentiality and handling of information. Receive from them the same treatment that the ORGANIZATION offers, developing ourselves in a responsible and transparent manner, oriented towards a competitiveness that benefits clients and consumers.
We are committed to comply with applicable laws and regulations and to cooperate with the competent authorities in the full exercise of their powers. Ethical and impartial treatment in compliance with the Law applicable to the Organization.


For the ORGANIZATION, occupational health and safety is of utmost importance; therefore, we are committed to continuously improve and maintain the following requirements.

  1. a) Training and updating our personnel in the areas of occupational safety and health.
  2. b) Compliance with Mexican labor and social security standards.
  3. c) Provide and maintain an adequate work environment.
  4. d) Maintain safe workplaces and provide safety tools to our personnel.
  5. e) Developing safety awareness among our personnel.



All employees of the organization are obliged to adequately manage the resources of the organization and therefore we commit ourselves.

  1. a) To make the resources yield by lowering and maintaining production costs and avoiding reprocessing as much as possible.
  2. b) Avoid waste and carelessness that result in economic losses for the company.
  3. c) Take care and maintain properly the tools, utensils, equipment, supplies, materials and work areas.

ECONOMIC RESOURCES should not be disposed of unless authorized by the company’s management, however, senior management may use economic resources to implement improvements or acquisitions to the company according to the authorization in force by the management, if any manager exceeds the amount allocated without authorization from the management will be punished according to the penalties set forth in this document.

Likewise, criminal or administrative action shall be taken against whoever or whoever by omission, carelessness, negligence or in a fraudulent manner attempts against the company’s resources by partial or total loss of supplies, equipment, tools, utensils, product in process and finished product, or diversion of economic funds or fraud.



  1. a) The severity of the sanctions refers to the seriousness of the faults committed by negligence, carelessness, willful misconduct or omission; likewise, it is considered a violation of the code not to sanction the non-compliances committed.
  2. b) Sanctions range from a written warning, dismissal or even criminal charges before the competent authorities.
  3. c) The company’s sanctions shall be determined by the immediate supervisor of the guilty party and shall be advised, if necessary, by the administrative committee.